Stewart J. Neuville
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Los Angeles, CA 90064 
Telephone:   310-312-8100
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"Some men see things the way they
are and ask, "Why?"
I dream things that never were, and
ask "Why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw
Honor - (noun) 1a: good name or public esteem b: outward respect or admiration (transitive verb) 1a: to show high regard or appreciation for b" to a : to treat with consideration or respect:

Dedication - (noun) 1a: self-sacrificing devotion to or as if to an ideal or a cause b: a devoting or setting aside for any particular purpose.

Commitment - (noun) 1a: the act of committing to the charge, keeping, or trust b: the obligation or pledge to carry out some action or policy or to give support to some policy or person